ENGLISH TIME LANGUAGE SCHOOLS (ETLS) has a branch in Las Vegas, London and Toronto. Over 100.000 students have graduated from English Time language Schools. English Time implements the most widely accepted 6-level education system in the world. In this model, we include mainly North American English, but also all different usages, considering that English learners should learn the usages from different parts of the world. At the first 4 levels, General English, and at the later 2 levels an Academic English education is given. Our courses are designed to help students practice all aspects of the English language emphasizing on oral fluency and systematical progress.

Learning English in Las Vegas will be an unforgettable and enjoyable experience in your life.

PRICES (for 4 weeks)
Note: All prices are listed for per session in 2008. For more information regarding long term discount prices please see the Long Term Pre-paid packages section.
  • Part-Time Program Tuition Fee: $640
  • Semi-Intensive Program Tuition Fee: $780
  • Intensive Program Tuition Fee: $1,100
  • TOEFL Program Tuition Fee: $1,100
  • Summer Camp (Ask for more information

 ACCOMMODATION PRICES - Accommodation Fees (Monthly) -Home stay include meal (including 2 meals :breakfast and dinner)

  • Single Occupancy: $750
  • Double Occupancy: $600

ETLS Student House(Apartment)

  • Single Occupancy: $700
  • Double Occupancy: $55


  • Application Fee: $125
  • Tuition Deposit: $500
  • Accommodation Deposit: $500
  • Accommodation Placement Fee: $125
  • Express Mail for I-20 Form and Acceptance Package Fee: $95
  • Certification and Diploma Fee: $50
  • Student Health Insurance(4 week): $80-$120
  • Airport Pick-up: $65

* Please see more information about Long Term Pre-paid packages.
** Please let us know if you want to use our accommodation service. Accommodation costs may vary depending on accommodation type and room occupancy.
*** Please ask student service about Student Health Insurance. Fees may vary.
**** If you request Airport pick-up from ETLS.

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