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What type of accommodation can English Time arrange for me?

English Time has close links with specialist home stay agencies in London and we can book a place in a host family for you. Email or fax us with your needs well before your arrival to enable us to make the most suitable arrangements for you. Our Student Services Manager and her team can give you advice on many different types of accommodation: host families, hostels, hotels and shared flats.

Do you have your own student hostel?

No, we don’t, but our Student Services Manager can give you some addresses that you could try.

Does English Time help choose the best accommodation for me?

We are experienced at suggesting the right type of accommodation for our students. Frequently our students prefer one type of accommodation- say home stay- for a while and later change- for example, to sharing a flat with friends.

How much do different types of accommodation cost?

The cost depends on the type as well as the location of the accommodation. Typically you should budget for £120 per week for bed, breakfast and binner with a host family, (home stay) about £70 for a hostel and £60 per week for a shared flat. We strongly suggest that you contact us for likely costs at the time of your intended studies in London.

What will happen if I do not get on with my host family?

We will do our best to resolve any problems you may have. In our experience it is usually because there is a minor misunderstanding that can be easily solved. However, if the problem cannot be solved, we will move you to a different Home stay.

Can I change my host family during my course?

Yes, but you should discuss your reasons with the Student Services Manager. She will help you to either resolve any problems you may be having or suggest what type of accommodation would be more suitable.


Can someone meet me at the airport/station on arrival?

We can arrange for you to be met at the port of arrival. This service is provided by experienced individuals who will take you to your hotel/host family or hostel. As you come out of customs into the arrivals hall, look out for a person holding a card with your name on it.

Is it possible for me to come to the school before going to my accommodation?

Yes, if your arrival time in London is not at night or on the weekend. From Monday - Friday you are welcome to come and meet with us before going on to your accommodation. If you are not too tired you could even take the test!


I am from a non-EU country. Will I be able to work in London?

In London, every national from a non-EU country, with a student visa can work up to 20 hours per week during course time and unlimited hours during vacation/holidays. It is important to note that students who enter the country on tourist/visitor visas cannot work until they change their visa.

I am from an EU country; will I be able to work when I am not studying?

All EU nationals can work in the UK without any restrictions.

Can English Time help me find a suitable part time job in London?

We are regularly notified by agencies looking for part time employees and these are posted on the notice board. In addition our Student Support Advisor can give advice about agencies, newspapers and magazines where suitable jobs are advertised.

If my working hours change can I change my hours of study?

Yes, provided you give us a week’s notice and there is availability in the class. Normally this is not a problem.

Do I need to get a National Insurance number to work?

Yes. We strongly recommend that you seek employment only with those employers who work within the National Insurance framework. This will also give you sickness and holiday rights.

Will English Time help me get the National Insurance Number?

We can provide you with the necessary documentation to obtain a National Insurance Number, provided you have a student visa or are an EU national.


Is the Internet really free?

The school has permanent high speed access to the Internet. Our broadband access is not only fast but it REALLY is completely free to all English Time students.

For how long can I log on to the Internet each day?

At busy times we ask you to book half hour slots. At off peak times you will have unlimited usage. We are also adding more terminals to encourage wider and longer usage.

Does the school provide an e-mail address?

Most of our students use web based mail addresses like Hotmail & Yahoo. This gives them the flexibility of picking up their e-mails all over the world. You can also have your e-mails sent directly to the school at and we will ensure you receive the mail.

I am not sure how to use the Internet for my studies and to send e-mails home; will English Time help me get started?

Yes. As part of your Induction to the school you will be shown how to access the computer network and the e-mail/Internet facilities. If you need additional help in getting started, our staff will be pleased to help. The teachers will also show you how to access the best web sites for your studies.

Is the Internet only available for use for sending e-mails and studying?

No, you can use the Internet facility for planning your travel, finding a new flat or chatting with your friends, in fact doing everything you would do at home.


Do English Time students enjoy living in London?

London is an exciting and an energetic city with places and events which cater for every taste. English Time students enjoy living and learning in London because as with the school, it combines the best traditions of Britain with a youthful cosmopolitan culture.

What social activities does English Time organise? 

E.T offers visits to pubs, quiz nights, picnics in the park, staff/student parties, and trips to events and London attractions. Every week one of the teachers plans the social programme for the week. They carefully search through newspapers, magazines and London Life websites to find activities which are interesting and affordable: as an English Time student you are encouraged to get involved.

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