In our classes, it is the student, not the teacher, who is the centre of attention. Our aim is to get you using English as quickly as possible so that you can start communicating. We balance our activities so that you study listening, speaking reading and writing as well as grammar and vocabulary. Teachers use a mixture of course books and authentic materials to get the best possible effect for students in their class. Don’t forget that in addition to your regular class, you can join a group to get some extra practice in grammar or pronunciation. You can also go on outings to practise your English with other students and in authentic situations.

Levels are listed below.


On the first day of your English Time course, we will ask you to take a test to make sure that you are placed in the right class. Levels are flexible in that students may change groups if necessary. We recognise that everyone learns at their own pace and while some people may go racing ahead, others need a little more time. This is completely normal and your teacher will check your performance through regular tests to make sure that you stay in the best class for you.

The student must achieve 70% in order to pass to the next level. Attendance, active participation in lessons and the tests are also important.

Our Teachers

All our teachers are experienced professionals. They were all educated at university level and have trained to teach English as a foreign language. All our teachers love to teach and your satisfaction is their goal. They want to make learning fun and help you to get the best possible results from your course.

Our Director of Studies works with the teachers to maintain high academic standards throughout the school and make sure that every student receives tuition appropriate to their needs.

Enrolling at English Time

When you enrol at English Time, you can start your course on any Monday. We offer morning, afternoon and evening courses, which gives you the flexibility to fit your studies in around the rest of your schedule. Our prices are very competitive and we allow students to pay by instalment for longer courses (this must be arranged individually with the Branch Manager).

We offer a wide variety of different courses to suit your needs. General English focuses on learning to communicate in a wide range of situations, and is available at all levels. Higher level students (Intermediate and above) may also choose to study Business English. Additionally we offer preparation for some of the most important English exams. IELTS is internationally recognised as a qualification for those students who wish to study in an English-speaking university. We offer full and part-time IELTS courses. The Cambridge exams are also respected worldwide and we offer KET, PET and FCE preparation. If you wish to take CAE or CPE, please let us know, as we will make these courses available if there is enough demand.

For those students who have very specific needs, busy schedules, or would just like a little extra personal attention, we offer private lessons. These are available by individual arrangement with the Branch Manager.

For more information on the courses available at English Time, please click here.


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