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Our general English courses are divided into six levels from Beginner to Advanced and are suitable for both long term students, who can follow a programme lasting 12 weeks per level, and short term students, who will benefit from our flexible lesson structures. All students receive academic and practical tuition in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills, and are entitled to participate in extra-curricular activities. Course materials include a course book for each level and authentic press materials, and students are expected to reinforce their classroom work by completing homework assignments and with general self-study. Regular tests are conducted to determine when students are ready to progress to the next level.


What is IELTS? The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an exam designed to assess the suitability of non-native users of English to undertake an academic course (usually at university) conducted in English. IELTS is an entrance requirement of British, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian universities and for many secondary, vocational and training programmes in those countries, and is becoming increasingly accepted by American academic institutions. IELTS is also accepted by many professional organisations including the UK General Medical Council and the UK Ministry of Defence and the New Zealand Immigration Service, the Australian Department of Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, the Australian Medical Council.

The IELTS course at English Time prepares candidates for the exam, combining specialist English skills (e.g. academic writing, rhetoric) with exam techniques (e.g. speed reading). It is a rigorous and challenging course, and is only suitable for students of Upper-Intermediate or Advanced level who are prepared to do a lot of self-study and homework.

Business English

Our Business English course covers all the General English skills, with additional emphasis on business-related material (e.g. articles from The Economist magazine are analysed and discussed) and activities (e.g. giving presentations, conducting meetings). This course is suitable for students who have a good knowledge of general English and an interest in business.

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